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Job offer

Mensagempor Solarventi » 21 jun 2016, 18:56

Hi guys
I need someone good with Joomla but crucial that you are good reading english and perfect in writing portuguese.

I need you to translate our website to portuguese and to make updates and more that we requiere.

This is not a full time job!

A student would be great.

As we grow our market in Portugal It could very well be that you can be our customer contact as well.

Maybe you want to have your own business with our support.

If you are interested please contact me at

Thank you

Tom Duebaeck
Utilizador Joomla!
Utilizador Joomla!
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Registado: 21 jun 2016, 18:47

Re: Job offer

Mensagempor candidosa2 » 13 ago 2016, 09:21

i send for you
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